sales funnel strategies

Storytelling in the Awareness Stage

We get to produce videos for all stages of the digital marketing funnel. Our clients may want to enrich the interest and consideration stages with an educational/instructional explainer video that deepens understanding and provokes engagement. Or we may produce videos intended for re-engagement, which play on owned channels like a client’s website with content that targets retention, like commercials for a new loyalty program.

sales funnel strategies

Whatever the stage in the customer journey, we love finding exciting ways to tell stories that not only align with specific goals aimed at enhancing the customer experience, but a marketer’s campaign as a whole. Each stage calls for a different video format: A Thank You video expressing the gratitude of the staff for a customer’s purchase in the conversion and re-engagement stages wouldn’t make a lot of sense for someone searching for instructions on performing a task (Tutorial Video). Although these examples are somewhat obvious, the lines between stages in a funnel can blur and the messaging can take on a more thorough representation of a company’s role in helping customers. We believe one of the most common instances in which messaging can really flex is the awareness stage.

“Two things remain irretrievable: Time and a first impression.”

Cynthia Ozick

Imagine the power of igniting a relationship between a consumer and your brand before an interaction with our company has occurred. It’s that revelatory moment in which a consumer experiences a glimpse of your solution to their problem. In the Awareness stage your audience gets to start the transformation from living without your product/service to fully embracing it.

And so the first impression is crucial, but what is an impression? (No, not the one we’re trying to obtain organically through SEO in this blog post). An impression in this context is made up of two things:

1. Knowing your target audience

2. Immersion

Actually knowing who you’re selling to is most of the work, and immersion cannot happen without clearly defined target audiences. Immersion happens when we explore deeply meaningful story patterns that define our nature in order to create epiphanies for people who want to make their lives better. When your story is told correctly a viewer will engage actively, suspend their disbelief, and willfully surrender to possibility. Visual storytelling is the art of immersion.

Although immersion can happen at any stage in the funnel, the impression (as defined above) becomes more focused the closer we get to the conversion stage. At the awareness stage, the creative can be more broad as the goal is the soft-sell. We love crafting creative or working with pre-existing decks to take full advantage of this stage and all the storytelling opportunities it provides.

Upwork’s short film, Up We Go (produced by Smuggler) is an incredible example of top-of-funnel storytelling. It spotlights current workplace issues which are easily relatable and draws the viewer in with enthralling character vignettes.