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Hybrid is here to stay

We recently had the opportunity to work with one of our favorite production partners, Big Rock Productions, to put on a hybrid virtual event for Slack. This project was a global sales conference, taking the place of everyone flying into a city to be together in person – due of course to COVID-19 precautions.

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By hybrid, we mean both filming to tape as you would with a scripted project, and broadcasting live like you would see in a newsroom or sporting event. Eligo Studios was brought on to provide cinema-quality live footage and record the event for later viewing. We even had an editor on set cutting footage together as it became available. 

Our production partners were responsible for the overall project and for the broadcast elements of the show. A large Audio/Visual village was set up where the director could pipe in Zoom callers and playback pre-recorded content, all intercut with live interviews and keynotes.

Cameras in cases

In addition to the content seamlessly integrated from the AV village, Eligo Studios had three cameras directed at the stage set up for both one and two speakers. One camera was on a dolly, another on a jib, and the last was locked off on a tripod.

Camera on a jib

Our Head of Production, Brian, put together the pre-visualization which not only enabled the crew to set up quickly and accurately, but allowed the client, the Slack executives, to be better prepared for the show.

lighting diagram
3d model of stage
3d model of stage

One challenge related to our pre-production was the fact that we would be shooting against a large wall of windows. We rehearsed in the afternoon, but the live show took place early in the morning. Of course, our Director of Photography and Gaffer had it all under control and everyone on camera looked great. 

After a day of rehearsals, this two-day hybrid event went off without a hitch. We hope future conferences will get to be in person again soon, but even then expect to continue to see hybrid events like this continue well into the future. Hybrid events are a great way to save on event budgets and reach the widest possible audience. We’re grateful to our partners for bringing us on for this project and congratulations to Slack on all their success.