3d actor and screen

Hybrid is here to stay

By hybrid, we mean both filming to tape as you would with a scripted project, and broadcasting live like you would see in a newsroom or sporting event. Eligo Studios was brought on to provide cinema-quality live footage and record the event for later viewing.


Lenses 101

Just a heads up: This is a long blog post. It’s from a course we’re developing for aspiring cinematographers. We believe it may be helpful to share some of the things we think about when we prepare to film your videos. That being said, put on your school goggles (right? “school goggles”) and dive in. …

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People Want To See People

A little thought exercise: 1 ). Imagine a picture of a sofa – It has high grade fabric with a blind pull and stainless steel legs. The picture is well lit, captured in high resolution, and the background is white. 2). Now, imagine the picture in which the sofa is placed in a home, next …

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red camera video production

Updates Can Go To Tech Hell

Have you ever stopped to think about the digital environment in which we live? For some of us, we may spend more time participating in digital society than we do in our physical world. These two environments are not separate, but run parallel, with some aspects reaching between the two in an effort to shape …

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video camera

A Day in the Life of a Video Shoot

It’s shoot day! Today we’re shooting in our own studio and here’s how it’s going down: 5:00am – Wake up #riseandshine 5:15-6:00am – Stretching and a morning walk #limberup 6:00am-6:45am – Getting ready to go #roundonecoffee 7:00am – Arrive on set #super73 7:30am – Crafty delivered #coffeeandbagels 8:00am – Call time, crew and talent arrive …

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sales funnel strategies

Storytelling in the Awareness Stage

We get to produce videos for all stages of the digital marketing funnel. Our clients may want to enrich the interest and consideration stages with an educational/instructional explainer video that deepens understanding and provokes engagement. Or we may produce videos intended for re-engagement, which play on owned channels like a client’s website with content that …

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Anne with Golden Gate Bridge in background

This is All We Have

A Long Awaited Solution We teamed up with Honest Films to tell the story of Anne, who despite congenital hearing loss , lives life to the fullest. She tried everything but when her audiologist recommended Cochlear, her perspective shifted; the potential of the implant was clear. We spent two days here in beautiful San Francisco …

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House of Gents

Afternoon Weekend with Friends Our friend opened up a slick new barber shop downtown and we put a Saturday aside to make a quick promotional video for him. Using just two lights and a camera, we put together a sequence that tells the story of an artist and his work. The vibe of the location …

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The Uncarrier

Ads Within an Ad for an Ad An homage to all the classic Super Bowl ads to advertise T Mobile’s Super Bowl ad; ultra meta. We teamed up with Vossler Media Group and T Mobile and created a “behind the scenes” collection of iconic Super Bowl ad characters. The majority of the commercial is filmed …

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woman smiling with baby on her back

Save the Children

Vietnam We teamed up with Microsoft and Save the Children to document the implementation of technology in rural areas of Lao Cai. Bringing technology to a small school in a village on the Chinese border has helped fast-track education not only for the students but for their families as well. This guy. Our fearless leader, …

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