Eligo [el-eh-go] is a Latin transitive verb for “to value” – a continual, motivated choice to hold a thing in high regard. And that’s how we approach your project at Eligo Studios. Our commercial filmmaking synchronizes with companies’ brand equity by fully coalescing video production with digital marketing and by creating revelatory connections to their products and services through storytelling.


Beth Sutey

Executive Producer

Beth is a content logistics expert with over a decade of management experience. She is an MBA and US Army Reserve officer. Beth is a West Point grad, class of ‘07 – Beat Navy.

Brian Liepe

Head of Production

Brian has been filming since he was a kid and running his business for more than a decade. He has won awards and filmed for networks like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu. He has taught classes on cinematography and traveled the world with his cameras. He also loves cats and dogs.


Connor Hair

Director of Photography

Connor is an award winning cinematographer and has been working in the film industry for the last 13 years. Connor is constantly experimenting with emerging technology and has a passion for telling stories in unique and innovative ways.

Brian Lohr

Creative Director

Brian has vast experience in building and managing creative projects for clients all over the world. His grasp of language and design makes him a valued member and leader of creative teams.

Aaron Bear


Aaron has been working in the arts for over 20 years. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and has managed projects for tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. Managing projects is second nature to Aaron but building lasting relationships is his passion.